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How to Keep Your Quartz Banger Clean

Are you tired of dabbing off of a hazy, chazzed banger? Sick of constantly shelling out cash for new quartz? Stop the chaz cycle with a few easy steps that will ensure that your quartz functions like new for as long as possible! Did you know that allowing your quartz to become chazzed/devitrified reduces its heat retention and emissivity (Ability to transfer that heat to the good stuff)? Whether you're dabbing off of a slurper or a bucket, you can avoid the bloom and devitrification that creates that frustrating hazy, gray or black buildup within or on the quartz by following the steps in this guide. 


  • 99% Isopropyl alcohol
  • Dunk Tank/ Iso bath receptacle.
  • Temperature Reader (optional)
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cotton Swabs

STEP 1 - Dab Temp

  • The first step in maintaining the quality and freshness of your quartz is to take your dab at the proper temperature! For most dabbers, melting your dab somewhere in the range of 450-550 degrees fahrenheit will provide optimal results. Larger dabs can require higher temperatures. When dabbing at the correct temperatures, your oil will vaporize efficiently without burning. When the oil is introduced to the quartz at too high of a temperature, the compounds that make up the concentrate will combust rather than vaporize, which leaves a distinct, dark carbon burn mark that will not come off with the use of a cotton swab. When introduced at a proper temperature, your concentrates will melt, boil and vaporize evenly, leaving a very thin film of still liquid oil left over spread across the surface of the quartz. In order to accurately gauge the temperature of your quartz, we recommend you use one of the several infrared digital thermometers on the market specifically designed for use on your dab table, like the Terpometer IR, Dabrite, or the Dabrite Pro. 

STEP 2 - Cotton Swab

  • An important part of every modern dabbers station is a box of cotton swabs. We prefer brands like Heady Swabs and Glob Mops. These brands produce specifically designed swabs that have stronger rods and more absorbent tips that do not flake off extra cotton. After you have finished your dab, give the quartz a minute or two to continue to cool down to a lower temperature so that you do not burn yourself. Use your temperature reader again and once the quartz reads below 250 degrees, take one or two of your swabs of choice, and clean out the inside of your slurper or bucket as much as you can with the dry swabs. Try to leave as little excess oil remaining on the quartz as possible. 

Step 3 - 99% Isopropyl Bath

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: It is crucial to use caution and maintain awareness when handling isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is extremely flammable and can cause extremely dangerous situations if not handled with extreme care. NEVER FIRE A BUTANE TORCH WHILE THERE IS AN OPEN CONTAINER OF ISOPROPYL NEARBY.  
  • Once your quartz is as clean as you can get it with dry cotton swabs, open your 99% isopropyl alcohol soak station, and place the quartz carefully in. After the quartz is safely inside, be sure to close the lid to the station securely. Having the lid open ONLY when inserting and removing quartz and accessories minimizes the chance of the alcohol igniting. There are a variety of specifically designed dunk stations available on the market from brands like Heady Swabs, Banger Basket, and more. You can also use tupperware from your cabinet, but the specifically designed soak stations will come with a removable basket insert to remove your quartz and accessories later without dipping your fingers into the alcohol. Using 99% percent isopropyl rather than 70% will ensure the most effective cleaning and not leave any streaks on the quartz after drying. 

Step 4 - Remove Quartz, Microfiber Cloth and Cotton Swab to Dry. 

  • After allowing the quartz to soak for at least a few minutes, you can open your isopropyl soak station again, pull the removable basket insert out, and remove your quartz from the basket. Now you can use your microfiber cloth and another swab to dry off the banger before you torch it again. Your quartz should now be as clean as it was before you ever put the dab on!

Step 5 - Repeat. 

  • Repeating this process after each and every dab will ensure that your quartz maintains its integrity and heat retention for years to come. This process makes spending the high ticket on high quality, American made quartz worth it.